Serviced Office

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Serviced Office

What is Serviced office?


Serviced office is also called service-oriented office, business center, office business center, executive suite or administrative center and it is common in business district in metropolis all over the world. It provides customers with complete office service system. The first-grade form of office lease is lease taking service as primary.


“Serviced office” is derived from end of 1970s in USA and is the first-grade form of office lease focusing on service. It is also called “business office” in European and American countries. You can call it shortcut office or directly – business center, which means leasable office with finished decoration and equipped with office furnishings. It not only provides customers with complete office system including hardware such as office premise, office furnishings, appliances and equipments, but also provides supporting personnel including secretary, accountant and receptionist etc. It is an office mode combining business center and administration, which is revolutionary for the traditional mode of our country.


01 Advantages of Serviced office

“Serviced office” is fully equipped with Property Company, water, electricity, air conditioners and network etc. Its flexibility will reduce capital consumption of non-core businesses of enterprises, increase liquidity of assets of enterprises and decrease investment risk of enterprises. Therefore, compared with traditional offices, Serviced office has incomparable advantages. It will fully assist small and medium sized enterprises through sharing professional business service at hotel reception, including sending and receiving emails free of charge, printing, copying, faxing and scanning etc.

02 Flexibility of office space

Office space is flexible: individually separated office unit of Serviced office can hold at least one person. Currently, the leased space of Serviced office is generally counted by number of people. The interior office unit can hold 1-5 people and the exterior is relatively larger holding 10 people at most. This leasing form is suitable for companies just starting out.

03 Advantages of Serviced office

Tenancy term is flexible: it can range 3-24 months with continuous renewal. Tenancy term depends on different commercial plans and aims of companies and they don’t need to bear any indemnity and loss. Generally, tenancy term of traditional office is 12-36 months. The owner will expropriate all guarantee deposit if lessee terminates or violates contract without owner’s agreement during leasing period and refuses to perform the contact. Sometimes, lessees have to pay extra related economic indemnity.