Serviced Office

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Serviced Office


Characteristics of Serviced office

  • Exempt expensive decoration cost and agency commission.
  • Reside office environment fully equipped with facilities and start business immediately.
  • Network and communication devices are ready, saving costs for furnishings.
  • Flexible office space.
  • Flexible tenancy term, convenient for development of enterprises.
  • The company can reside in the same floor.
  • Secretary support, advanced meeting facilities and other logistic service. Charge when you use them.
  • Receptionist good at three languages and professional administrative management teams.
  • Hotel and ticket booking service.

Characteristics of traditional office buildings

  • Hotel and ticket booking service.
  • It will take several months to implement clauses, decorate and purchase devices.
  • You have to pay expenditures for internet communication system and its installation.
  • Too small or too large area.
  • At least one year tenancy term. Decoration cost will be wasted if there is any change.
  • It is not easy to reside the company in the same building.
  • Investment on recruitment and training of professional staff or extra fund to arrange meeting facilities are needed. Usage rate of meeting room and reception area is low.
  • Have to recruit receptionists, cleaning staff and IT managing staff etc.
  • Generally, there are office buildings with large area to be leased.

How to save costs and time by Focus Serviced office?

  • 1.Exempt decoration design and prophase funds for fundamental facilities, furnishings, instruments and agency etc.
  • 2.Save salaries, training costs and recruitment costs for receptionists, cleaning staff and property management personnel etc.
  • 3.Without investment on extra space and enjoy meeting facilities, rest rooms and dining area as you need.
  • 4.No need to pay property management cost, water and electricity cost, space using cost, network cost and cost for installation of communication system etc.
  • 5.It is difficult to find a new office. You have to consider district and tenancy term of office building and it needs long-term and complicated selection, negotiation and decision-making.

Customer groups

  • Entrepreneurial companies
  • Guangdong representative office of foreign and private companies
  • Consulting companies
  • Temporary office for short-term project
  • Branch office or small-sized start-up companies
  • Companies under adjustment
  • Temporary or medium and long-term experts organizations
  • Dispatched personnel of project in Guangzhou who are doing research and business contact
  • Guangzhou liaison office, agency, designing office, supervisory office, business negotiation,       transaction point, service point or consulting point

  • Remote large-sized companies for after-sale service, product consultation and real-time solution
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises that needs to promote brand image